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For a large chunk of my life I settled to the idea that I did not expect myself to be perfect. I was missing important steps due to that mindset.  I now know that a person cannot go towards perfection without study, practice, and experience. I also learned there is a difference between being a perfectionist and being someone that expects to do their very best.

These examples sum up my thoughts on perfection; if you want to be the master basket weaver, you may or may not be born with fingers that are given the talent to weave, but your basket will look like a two year old infant wove the vines through the staves unless you practice. If you want to become a successful soap maker, even if your intentions are to only produce wholesome products for your loved ones, you have to practice definitive steps to get there. If you want to write well, you must read and write often; extensively. If you want to mature as a Christian, you are given the gifts from God to proceed, but you won’t get there unless you study, follow His word, experience life, and study again.

To excel you must believe (trust), have courage, and know that you are never a finished character in life – and really, do you ever want to give in to “I’m done”? I think not. You will likely never be perfect at everything in life, but you can have the peace of mind that giving your best brings.

How do you find the courage to do what you believe in doing? Stand face to face with fear, look it straight in the eyes and say, “You are not a good thing. I am going to hurtle you to the side.” This is an absolute in life; either face the fear, send it packing, or never land with your feet firmly down on the other side of the obstacle. What is fear? An absence of courage and trust.

You have a choice. I have a choice. I love making the choice. You too?

For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7) ASV

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Have you had experiences in life when you have had to tell yourself to “drop the fear”?

Recently I climbed a ladder, which was more than twice as tall as I am.

As my husband stood outside of (what will be) our new soap studio on his ladder, I climbed my own ladder inside.  Together we tugged on the huge electrical wiring until we got it fed through the much-smaller conduit.

As I climbed the ladder my heart began to thud.  I thought I was not going to make it.  I repeated the old saying, because that was all that I could think to do for myself at the moment, “Don’t look down.”

Then I remembered what I did last summer, something that made me realize I could climb ladders as long as I put the fear aside.  I remembered something as simple as the motorcycle safety class. I had to put my fear away to pass the course. I nearly allowed fear to change the outcome!

Suddenly the fear of being up in the air, high up on the ladder, went away.

Facing the fear came as clear to me as life itself.

Next time you are facing something that seems enormous, something that you feel you cannot accomplish (that you could easily say “no” to) and allow someone else to do, remember to believe in yourself.  Have faith. Claim the ownership.

Beat the fear…drop it like a hot potato…what you can achieve by doing so can really help you climb ladders – even those that seem to reach up into the clouds – hands down. Goodbye obstacle!

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