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I did something disturbing today. 

I stepped into a pet shop for the first time in many years.

I instantly fell in love with a beautiful brindle boy.  I spent quiet time with him in a little cubicle.  My heart melted when I stood up from the bench seat and he grabbed the hem of my jeans and shook playfully with some obvious strength.

I wish I had never walked into that store.

How can any puppy have a price tag of $3600.00? And why?

He deserves a good family, someone to love, and someone to return his devotion.

He does not deserve to live in a cage, to travel to some strange place at a young age, to eventually be sold to a person with no background check, no thought on how he will be treated, no questions asked, as long as money is passed over the table (or, even worse, financing at 20.97% is approved).

No animal deserves that.

I was passing time when I walked into the pet store.  I truly regret it.  I do not grieve for not buying the puppy, I just cannot get him out of my mind (nor the other doggies in their crates behind glass).  I hope good homes are in their future.

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