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I am elated to announce that I published Annie’s All About Goats: Essential Goat Care today in Kindle format.

Both books are available on Amazon and in other online bookstores. Annie’s All About Goats Kindle version is not yet completely linked to the paperback, but it can be purchased here, and the paperback is available here.

I am still excited to have published this book for new goat owners, as well as those that have experience, and for people considering goat ownership. This is a great reference book to start or add to any goat care library!

I cover a range of topics including:

  • purchasing goats (things to consider and how to select)
  • bringing new goats to the farm
  • goat breeds
  • fencing, housing, and storage
  • livestock guard animals
  • feed and nutrition
  • health and wellness care
  • coat, hoof, and horn care
  • breeding and pregnancy
  • birthing
  • raising kids
  • milking
  • ways to use goat milk

On a sweet note, my husband sat down and read the book proof as I was cross-referencing page numbers. He said, “I’ve learned about goats all over again! I had forgotten so many things.”

This book is a true and absolute work from my heart. It gives honor to my goats and to many others! I hope people enjoy and learn from it for many years to come!

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