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There are distinct placements in the working world for men and women.  But the dividing line between the two is miniscule. 

I do not believe women belong at home, “barefoot and pregnant.”  However, the world is rather lopsided in the fact that women are often unable to stay home and raise their families, tend to their children and homes, as they would like/need to.  Current times call for 2 paychecks, sometimes 3 or 4.

When a woman earns a living she absolutely should receive pay commensurate to the job that she performs. 

I do think there are jobs that men are better at, not many.  In many cases, in a physical sense, men can be the stronger sex.  Fact is…5 foot tall men, 120 lbs, are not the norm. 

In most cases, women definitely have a strong sense for business.  In the business world, equal pay should be the rule. 

Equal pay should be the rule for any job that can be performed to its maximum potential, male or female, on a level playing field.

I have caught numerous comments these past few months regarding unequal pay.  For example, a woman writer adopts a male name, publishes her blog, book, or article with a fictitious male name, and earns significantly more money as a male than as a female.  Why?

Myself, I have had the battle cross before me.  The battle of telling someone (especially a male) what I do.  The reaction was clearly positioned as I cannot possibly be a farmer, I am a woman.  I cannot operate a serious business with potential for growth, it surely is a hobby, because I am a woman. 

No, this isn’t about me, this is for equality.  Not the bra-burning 1960’s outlook on equality.  Not the “cry tears for me” equality because we are still mis-understood.  Personally, I am not often mis-understood, nor do I make a huge effort to be understood.  I know how to present myself.  What I am speaking for is the overall world…if a person does a job well, male or female, equal compensation must follow.

Do you agree? How do we fix the gap?

Note:  Female copywriter reveals: Why I’ve been writing as a man. You know me as James Chartrand of Men with Pens, a regular Copyblogger contributor for just shy of two years. And yet, I’m a woman. — James Chartrand, Copyblogger    (posted at http://www.crikey.com.au/2009/12/16/media-briefs-female-writer-makes-more-money-as-a-man-murdochs-merry-xmas-memo/)

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