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At times the little things in our lives seem huge.  If a person allows it to happen, they can feel very much overwhelmed.  

I had a very off-key week that began with the death of my mother-in-law.  Several of my does had kids and did not want to take care of their newborns for a few days.  Annie gave birth to two live kids, and one very dead one.  She is much better, another 3 or 4 days and we’ll be out of the woods.  Her kids are fine, nursing on bottles.  We have had water problems, thank goodness for all of the rain.  I now have oodles of beautiful rain water for the goats.

Overall, I decided to focus on what is good.  Focus on what needed to be done.  Focus on what was directly in front of me.  It worked, it always does.

I did not focus on anything that was not positive.  My prayers included thanks for the troubles.  I knew I would learn and grow from them.  I did.

Life is good despite the hardships.  The more we can edure, the stronger person we become, and perhaps, in turn, we can help others.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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