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It is (nearly) summer.  The spring mud season is gone! So, I am going to start a round of Annie’s Farm Photos for those of you that enjoy seeing the country life.

Tiny Tot

The caption should really read Not Spoiled.  She was.  She was the tiniest kid born to Carmella, her full-blood nubian dairy goat mother, about 4 seasons ago.  Tiny Tot lived with us in the house until it was warmth enough for her to face the barn.  Her hooves were the size of my thumbnail.   Tiny Tot is part boer goat, but we still milk her occasionally after she has kids.

The Buck Pen

The buck pen and one of our young boer bucks.

A Path

We have several paths, none all that long, some longer than others.  To me, they are just enough to enjoy.

I will be posting a rather “longish” video that I took last fall while walking one of the paths.  If you like walks in the woods, you’ll love the video!

Hope you enjoyed the farm visit today!

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