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Recently I have read claims made by handcrafted cosmetic and soapmakers that really “get my goat.”

First, let me explain to you in very simple terms, soap is considered soap until the manufacturer claims that the soap cures or prevents a medical condition.  Notice how I am very careful with my wording in my Product Monday posts? If I claim that my soap clears acne, fights bacteria, you name it, I must call my soap something other than soap.  It is obvious I do not have a license to sell drugs or medications, so I stick with selling soap.

I saw a claim today, via a handcrafted cosmetic ad, that stated, “Ward off H1N1 with these all natural ingredients.”  Oh my word! People…I honestly want to take your ad to the shredder.  First, you cannot stake those claims unless you are a licensed pharmaceutical company with a registered product.  From what I saw, you are not.  Secondly, you make it very difficult for us (soapmakers) to stay credible with the US government.  It is your type of claim that causes the government to scrutinize the simple soap and cosmetic makers more than we know is needed. 

I have learned a lot this year.  And, we all make mistakes! I am much more careful with my product claims.  I tell you the exact ingredients in my soap, and leave it to you to decide what it can or can not do (if anything) for your skin. 

If you have a medical or skin condition, you should always seek advice from your physician!

Off my soapbox for today…I hope I (and other ethical soap and cosmetic makers) can continue to be in business, selling products that are wholesome, for many years to come!

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