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Are you ready for Christmas?

Usually I do not know how to answer that question because I do not do a lot of decorating at Christmas, and gift buying is limited to a few special little ones.

This year I am ready.  I went pink. 

No, I didn’t put up a pink Christmas tree.  The photo did remind me, however, of how I do my shopping.  For the grand daughters, and regardless of what I set out to purchase, I end up with bags full of pink fluffy things.  You know, the comfy girly items from slippers to nightgowns, to soft fluffy pink blankets to snuggle under. 

Today I will be putting up our tree.  Guess what? It isn’t pink.  It is a large ceramic tree, hand-painted, with beautiful boxers doing all sorts antics on and around the tree, along with garlands made from dog bones and other treats.  After my first boxer got busy with the Christmas tree about 7 years ago, and I still have the ornaments (many broken), I opted to go with a permanent tree that wasn’t in harm’s way. 

I may just bring out my Christmas village as well.  My favorite pieces are the church and stable. 

My husband has a head cold, and I am down in my back.  Funny how when I walk I feel as if my legs are going in one direction, my waist and back in another.  But, sales and soap making are right on target.  My in-store sale ends tomorrow, and the last day for priority shipping (to deliver by Christmas Day) is 12/21/09.  So…I am winding down in that respect.  I am blessed, absolutely blessed.  Very happy.  After Monday…I am going to recuperate at the desk, making business plans for 2010!

And…of course, I am going to enjoy my Christmas, with those that I love, and with the true meaning of CHRIST-mas close to my heart!

Have a wonderful day!

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