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Mary Humphrey 002

I am a numbers person.  I love to work out fine details, math-wise, and I love to calculate statistics. 

I have been thinking about sales recently and how I have noticed customers that come back time and time again to purchase soap and lotion.  But I had no idea how many actually were returning.  So, I did some calculating.

I am going to brag…shout out for myself…33% of my sales are customers that have returned!

On the average, a small business can expect 20% of their sales to come from repeat customers.  I am out ahead of those statistics.

What can I say?

Thank you to my repeat customers (and my first time customers as well)!!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.  I am enjoying the work that I created for myself, and I am glad that you (apparently) are enjoying the products that I craft.

And I just may have a special gift announcement in the near future, based on a particular number, but I have not determined if that number will be a paid receipt number, the number of repeat customers, or  comments.  We shall see…I want to be fair and square!

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