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I really am grateful for inspirations.

I find they come in spurts…almost daily, and at times not for a week.

Recently inspiration has come to me through music, specifically bluegrass music, especially instrumentals.

I listen to each and every instrument, almost as if I divide the music up into sections, paying special attention to the clear and beautiful notes of the mandolin.

I feel happiness, renewal, peace and even a sense of Annie’s Goat Hill, where it belongs…what it is about.

I am a transplanted city girl, living on a farm, milking goats, making the fragrant soap that I always adored.  When I make soap I always think about who is going to use the soap.  I hope that they find happiness, even if just a moment, from a simple product as a bar of soap.  Pleasant thoughts flow as the young batch of soap in the pot begins to trace and as the beautiful music fills my heart.

Life is good.

More inspirations on the way next Friday.  And by then, hopefully, I will be able to add video to the blog!

A link to a beautiful lively blend of violin, mandolin, and banjo.  Bluegrass instrumental.  Almost sounds Irish to me.  Beautiful, clear, crisp.

I could sit on the porch and listen forever.

Have you had any inspirations today? This week?

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness

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