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Mr. Yellow Tom At It Again

Mr. Yellow Tom At It Again

Mr. Yellow Tom becomes my subject matter from time to time.  He has an agenda, so do I.  More on that boy in a bit…

One word sums up my week so far, busy!

This blog is a communication tool that I treasure.  I publish business information, farm updates, and occasionally personal tidbits.  I do Facebook and Twitter, and I love those connections as well, but the glue that bonds me to everyone is much stickier in this blog.  My website is a good communication tool, as well as the newsletter, but again, this blog is the creme’ of it all.

I do not pre-plan a lot of blog posts, well, one or two, here or there.  I prefer to pop in and say, “Hey…this is what is going on!” When I am too busy to do that, I feel a bit disconnected.

I do not know if the disconnected feeling is good or bad.  Shoot, it does not matter! What matters is I am back and reconnecting.  I am still working on cleaning up my email in-basket, amongst some other connections.  So…if you get a message that says, “I am busy, have to keep this short for now…,” it’s true.  I care immensely, just going at rabbit speed instead of turtle mode.

I was watching Mr. Yellow Tom as I milked the girls this evening.  How can it be that the meanest young adult cat in the barn be the mother to all of the kittens? A kitten will come up and bat at Mr. Tom, he bats back, and then he starts licking.  In this photo he licked the young kitten to sleep.  Yes, Mr. Tom walked away, and the kitten did not stir.  She was out of it!! Funny stuff! And this is the same Mr. Yellow Tom that still looks for that yellow cat in the bumper of my truck.  And guess what? He has taught the kittens to line up below the truck and watch with him.  The farm clown, Mr. Yellow Tom.

And what does he have to do with busyness? He has an agenda, and he gets it done, and he still makes his connections, obviously! Perhaps I should hire him? I could use a part-time helper, one that loves like he does.  Only the best.

Enjoy your day!

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