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Comical…busy…not so relaxing.  Humor was definitely a must.

How about your start to the new year?

Over Christmas weekend my husband was ill.  He asked me, “Why does it seem I am always sick at Christmas?” I don’t know.  One time we spent Christmas Eve in the emergency room.  He looked like something from a movie, like a swollen thing that had risen from the dead.  It was nice.

The Christmas ailment was passed on to me.   The night before last I was miserable with a fever.  Mind you, I don’t get sick often.  I sent a one line email to my sister, told her that I wasn’t feeling well, that I loved her.  I proceeded to tell my husband, “In case I don’t live through the night, I love you.”  He chuckled, “I think you will live.”  I did.  Amazing.

The next day I noticed product images missing from our website.  I was too sick to try to fix the problem.  My husband, not the one that keeps the site going (he helps in many other ways), was speechless.  I opened a help ticket. 

All of the product images in our online store had been deleted.  Not one or two.  Each and every one, gone. 

I made a phone call on New Year’s Eve.  All advanced support staff had left the building.  Lucky souls.

Today I sat down at the computer, thinking to self, “This is what a small business owner does…the fix-it-all person…even on a holiday,”  After several mis-haps I began to see a number of images load to the website.  Yes! The correction will take a few days.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I can say this, bring on the challenges.  If 2011 is any better than 2010, we are blessed.  After a few years of wondering where our lives were turning to, 2010 brought work and busyness our way.   Bring it on!

I hope you and your loved ones are also blessed with whatever you need in 2011, that is, everything you need!

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