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Learning to ride has been interesting, funny, and sometimes painful. 

For those of you who don’t know, I bought a bike for myself a week ago.  I decided I did not want to ride on the back of a bike, I wanted to do it myself.  Mind you, I knew nothing about motorcycles.  I plunged into studying the written test and somehow aced it (more on that story here). 

Training happens in the lower field, which is fairly small, the only place flat on our property.  I am not ready for the road.

I read, study, listen to advice (my husband is a saint), and then I go for it myself.  Somehow I do better without an audience.  I even waited until the Mennonites quit mowing their church lawn this morning before I began my session!

Let the fun begin…this week I have:

  • hit the goat’s fence, missing my husband (whom was watching my activities) by mere inches
  • laid the bike down 3 times (once on top of my legs)
  • learned to pick up the 310 pound bike (after laying it down while crashing in the grass very gracefully, ha)
  • maneuvered around the infamous escapees (carrying them over and over again back to the barn…because where I am practicing is the place they graze when they leave their assigned premises)
  • put the key in the gas cap instead of the ignition. (took 10 minutes to put the cap back in, as I laughed hysterically!)

I keep saying I will be a slow learner, and I have been.  I am certainly not going to push myself.  The first session was great, the second was a total loss, the third (today) I finally put my feet on the pegs.  I let go of the ground which was heart-stopping for a moment.  It was incredible how my balance was right once I placed my feet where they actually belonged on a moving motorcycle! I even u-turned back without losing the bike, with no training.  Amazing.

Big sigh.  What a mess.  Big sigh.  I will do this!

I am having fun.  And I am determined to be ready for the Motorcycle Ohio basic rider’s course in August.  I hope to step into the class putting aside all of my practice, except for confidence, because I want to learn things the instructor’s way.  Safety is first. 

This escapade has been expensive.  I bought a pair of sturdy boots, on sale, with sticker shock.  My husband is laughing as I wear the boots in the house with my shorts, trying to break the leather in. 

I purchased saddle bags, which now I realize I will not place on the bike until I stop my little crash episodes.  I cannot mess up my pretty bags! A lady especially needs a place to put a few lightweight belongings, tools when riding, you just never know. 

So…that has been my excitement.  All a part of living healthier (laughing, eating better, and balancing my life).   No more taking it so seriously!

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