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We have a couple of small herb gardens in raised beds.  Some of the herbs were transplanted from our former farm, some were young plants purchased last year.  I am totally amazed at how fast the surviving plants have grown and some are already in bloom!



Bee Balm

Once Thyme reaches 8-9 inches tall it can be trimmed, which encourages more branching out.   Thyme smells wonderful in the house when I hang it to dry.  I later use it in recipes, especially in poultry dishes.

Oregano is also great dried.  I am hoping to have enough tomatoes in the garden this year to can and freeze, and later use the Oregano in homemade Italian sauces.

Last but not least, the Bee Balm (also know as Wild Bergamot).  Bee Balm is a member of the mint family. It can be used as a medicinal herb, combined in a tea with Valerian and other herbs that promote relaxation.  I look forward to it.  But first, I believe I’ll let it flower this year.  It is a one year old plant that didn’t do so well last summer.  As tall as the plant is getting, I cannot wait to see (and post photos of) the flowered plant after it reaches 3-4′ tall!

I also have one tiny live sprig of true Lavender in a raised bed, not pictured.  The Lavender did not hardily take to the transplant from the old farm.  Being that I have one healthy sprig, something tells me there are roots, and that more of the plant will surface.

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