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Fizzie Fizzler

This matches what I am seeing on the ground outside today, did someone bring some in? Wait, no, it sure smells like lavender to me. It cannot be snow!

It is a very good thing that I have a good sense of humor. Yes, I can laugh out loud at myself!

Because I dabble in goat milk cheese, and canning, I remembered having citric acid on hand, and just enough baking soda, and fragrance (and lavender sounded so good), I decided to go on a new adventure. Yep…seems I had everything on hand to make bath fizzies, all but one tiny (but obviously very important ingredient), witch hazel. But was it so important? We were going to find out.

I measured the dry ingredients, stirred and stirred until the lumps went away, added the fragrance, and went for the scrunch up test. Just barely making a formation. Hmmm…the need for witch hazel arose.

No witch hazel…but I do have (shhhhh) water. Water!!!!

Now, for those of us that have a brain that is in gear today, what does a bath fizzie do when it goes kerplunk in the bath water. Uh…yeah…it fizzes!!!!

Hence…the nice, aromatic, concoction of fizzed remnants that I just had to share.

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