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About 2 weeks ago I posted (here) “My plan, as of today, is to begin scheduling in paperwork time.  I will not read email during my paperwork hour.  I will not shop for supplies.  I will not plan the next bar of soap.  During my scheduled time I will be wiping out paperwork.”

I promised to follow up with you.  And I have good news.  Despite the sleepless nights due to barn activity, and a couple of weeks with no time to complete anything but the sheer necessities, I have made progress.

For the tasks that seem daunting, like paperwork, scheduling in time to focus on only the one task, allowing nothing to interfere, does work!

Lesson learned:  (even when it is a task that is loathed) stay on top of it, make an appointment to get it completed, no procrastination, total focus.  It makes the job so much easier.

Like the beautiful sunny day we are experiencing in Ohio today (the first in almost a month), this new centering has allowed the sunshine back into parts of my daily schedule. 

For those of you that said you were encouraged to give it a try, scheduling in time to complete a task/chore, has it been a positive experience for you too?

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