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It does not happen every day…you stumble upon a refreshingly different site and bookmark it immediately.  All Things Goat was one of those for me. 

All Things Goat is an online magazine brimming with articles written by ordinary people, people that have a passion for goats. 

I have been talking with Mary Ann and Naimhe Jeanne, creators of All Things Goat, for a few months.  All along thinking I wanted to give a shout out to their site.  Yesterday I decided to ask Mary Ann a few questions.  She gladly responded.

Me:  Was there anything in particular that prompted you to start All Things Goat?   Mary Ann:  Naimhe Jeanne and I actually met last winter on Twitter, talking about goats of course, and conceived of the site from there.

Mary Ann went on to say, “The overall intent of the site is to promote and link people in the goat world and all of its diversity.  Think of it as goat link love.  Naimhe Jeanne, who lives in northern Illinois, ahs goats.  I did as a child but no longer do and live in Madison, Wisconsin, where it’s kind of hard to sneak a goat into the backyard.”

Ah-ha! I see now, we are talking about goat love…nothing more, nothing less.

By the way, Mary Ann, I have been talking with Lylah Ledner, of Simple Home Living, about goats as well.  She is from an urban Arizona area.  I suggested she rent a barn, or a small piece of farmland, thinking it might fulfill the passion she still has for goats after 25 years of being apart from that love.  As I told Lylah, there are a lot of small lots out there that people no longer use.  Sometimes the land owners are overjoyed to have their barn and/or lots put to good use.  Something to think about. 

I asked Mary Ann a few more questions, such as:  What are the goals for All Things Goat? Is there anything we can do to help promote?

Before I sign off…I want to say thank you to All Things Goat for the wonderful site! Also, thank you for using my goat-related articles. 

I believe this excerpt from Naimhe Jeanne and Martha Ann answered many of my questions:

http://www.AllThingsGoat.com is an online magazine with news, photos, recipes and feature stories about meat, fiber and dairy goats.


We target an audience knowledgeable about goats, and those just becoming interested in goats, while showing those who have never thought of goats how our caprine friends improve the quality of life for many worldwide.


All Things Goat was created by Naimhe Jeanne and Martha Ann, carnivores both who believe in the humane treatment of goats from birth through death, regardless of whether they are a pet or raised for milk, meat or fiber.


Please look at our site and pass word of us to others in your community. We appreciate comments and always are looking for story ideas, photos, blogs and Web sites to keep All Things Goat fresh, lively and informative. 


If we can help you, please let us know.



Naimhe Jeanne and Martha Ann

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