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The original pledge to myself was to never miss a day of blogging. Hmmm…I have broken my own pledge. 10 lashes with a wet noodle…not!

I remember reading a soaper friend’s blog one day. She had not blogged for a week, and then she wrote (to the effect of), “My mother said to get busy making soap. She wants to see soap progress, not blog progress.” Sorry for dropping the soaper’s name, I have a number of wonderful soaper friends and the quote sticks in my mind, but not the name that goes with it!

Recently I have made great efforts to build the soap and lotion stock up. It is a must! As my best friend said to me, “You need to fill that warehouse!” Yes, sir!
Fill…fill…and fill…but I do miss writing.
All good things in their own time…patience.

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Testing Apologies


I am doing some testing this morning with my PDA. Cannot use the normal blogger route, but can blog post via email. I have one more test to make (with a pic attached), and hopefully, I can stop posting and deleting soon!

If you follow the blog, sorry for any problems this posting and deleting might have caused for you this morning.

Thanks, Mary

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It troubles me when I read blogs and cannot leave comments. If you can leave comments tonight, or any time soon, please let me know if you encounter the same troubles at times. Sluggish moving along, and not able to leave comments. I appreciate each and every comment, and read every one that is left, and I try to do the same!

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Posting Problems

The past few days I have experienced line spacing problems after my posts publish. The blog posts do not look the same as I write them. So far I have found no solutions. But I am working on the problem, and if any of my friends know an easy fix (I am not html literate), I can use your input!

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